Seedbox Review review. Click on image to visit the seedbox site. is a relatively new seedbox company taking the industry by storm with its excellent value for money services. What makes stand out from the other providers is their unbeatable value plans, and they do it in style with their superhero-themed site and seedbox plans.

They are a relatively new seedbox provider who launched mid-2019. Despite that, with their first anniversary just gone, they have been a reliable provider since inception.

The customer service is prompt, and the setup is quick. I do like the swizzin dash GUI, which gives you a snapshot of the traffic and hardware performance. It’s a nice touch. I did not use the swizzin dash interface much, and I hope it didn’t eat up system resources to run it.

I took out the cheapest offering, which is the sidekick plan for €9.99. When I first got the seedbox, I was a bit disappointed. The seedbox seemed a bit slow to start, the GUI was clunky and laggy at first. Then about 2 days of using the seedbox it must’ve been moved onto a less congested server and the seedbox performed smoothly and the daily uploads went from strength to strength. is suited for long term seeding and building ratio over a longer period. Many seedboxes provide super fast speed, but they have a ridiculously low upload cap of 7TB, which isn’t much at all. offers unmetered bandwidth service without any caps so I managed to upload 24TB in a month.

Screenshots below:

Fast speeds, no bandwidth caps

Did you notice the dark theme? It has a Gotham city vibe to it. I find the white text on dark background much more readable and easier on the eyes.

Total stats for the month are:

Max download speed: 57.5 MB/s (although not typical)
Max upload speed: 19.0 MB/s (not typical)
Total data uploaded in a month: 24214GB (24.2TB) is the top performer in terms of total data uploaded by a long mile. Are these impressive speeds enough to crown it the best seedbox? Look up the charts on the homepage

Allocated server resources provides you with allocated computer resources. On the €9.99 sidekick plan, I got Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 @ 3.6GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, and 1.4TB hard drive storage. I think CPU may be shared, but RAM would be dedicated.

I find that the hard drive storage was more than I needed. Preallocated CPU and RAM made it feel a lot like VPS. I didn’t experience any crashes or lags with, nor did the resource allocation ever get above 50%.

Most other seedboxes on their $10/€10 plans tend to hide your resource allocation. The resources get allocated dynamically, so many seedboxes are stacked in a pool and use the same pooled resources. This can lead to oversubscription of seedboxes on a server and lead to performance issues.

With you know that the computer resources are reserved for you. This is nice but leads me to my next gripe.

No Plex support for sidekick €9.99 plans

I’m quite disappointed that does not provide plex support on their cheap plans. You would think that since CPU and RAM are reserved for you, it would be an open season for you to use whatever plugin you want to use within those server limits.

I know that plex support is a huge deal nowadays as everyone wants to stream content straight off their seedbox onto their devices instead of FTPing files down.

Perhaps 2GB RAM isn’t enough to do plex transcoding. I know that dediseedbox offers plex support on their $10 plans, and all transcoding gets done on a dedicated server.

Choice of 40+ different apps & root access available has an interesting model for plugins. You have a choice from a range of 40 plugins you can install on the sidekick plan. You’re given a limit of 10 apps on the seedbox. On the €14.99 Hero plan, you’re limited to 15 apps. Higher up from there, you have access to all the apps.

The cap should not be a big problem. Most people won’t need to install more than ten plugins.

Root access is available, and this is quite rare for a managed seedbox. Most users won’t need to tinker with root as everything is set up for you.


Some teething problems with FTP and http downloads

I was impressed with the upload and download speeds with, one issue I found was that although the seeding and leeching performance was reliable. I had difficulty grabbing the files via http download from rtorrent. The http download speeds were slow and would often break. I would be forced to resume the download, but it would be corrupted and not play on my media player.

I had to download the files via FTP where I encountered other issues. The FTP speeds weren’t the best, often capping at 1MB/s. My home internet is capable of up to 8MB/s downloads, so I tried to open up eight concurrent downloads to maximize my downloads. I found that the server did not like me doing that, and the FTP would close the connection. So I had to limit the downloads to 5 files at a time.

At the end of my month’s trial, I had 1.4TB of torrents, and I couldn’t get all of them off the server. I had FTP running for 2 or 3 days on my home server running 24/7. That’s probably my fault for leaving everything on the server until the 11th hour and not downloading files throughout the month.

I should inform everyone that I didn’t contact support about this issue, had I contacted, perhaps this would have been sorted out for me.

No public trackers

I have no issue about seedboxes prohibiting public tracker use. It’s silly for a seedbox vendor to expose themselves to unnecessary grief with DMCA. has decided to disallow public trackers completely, not even allow downloading.

This might be a blow to those who want to use a seedbox to share Linux distros, GPL software, copyright-free documentaries, etc.

Ending thoughts is a fantastic all-around performing seedbox that best suits those who want to seed more data overall in the long term rather than for racing purposes.

Use the link below to visit if you’re interested in using their services.

9.5 Total Score Seedbox Review

Good uploads, Good support, Fantastic Swizzin dash user interface and plentyful storage. Is it too good to be true? Are there any drawbacks? Find out.

Value For Money
Customer Support
  • Amazing uploads (record breaking upload volumes)
  • Good support
  • Fantastic Dashboard
  • Most storage than other seedboxes for the same price
  • Slow FTP, I could upload files well but FTP always slow
  • HTTP downloads always broke
  • No public trackers
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