Free VPN with seedboxes through OpenVPN

Little known perk with seedboxes is that you usually get a free VPN

Most people are looking to save money with seedboxes, the most popular seedbox plans are between $10-$15. Some users also need VPN and some of the premium services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN charging around $10 per month for a plan. But did you know a lot of seedboxes provide you with VPN free of charge?

Seedboxes provide VPN support through OpenVPN an open source VPN software. While most dedicated VPN services provide you with a feature packed VPN where you choose the proxy country and privacy levels. The free VPN provided by the seedboxes only offer you one IP address. For most users, ones plenty.

Case in point the PROXY location by seedboxes as per below:

Dediseedbox: UK (useful for BBC content) Netherlands
Pulsed Media: Finland
Seedbox Company: Netherlands

All of these IP locations are good for US customers to get around pesky litigious issues. They have low (to nonexistent) censorship. So if you are in China, or behind a university firewall, if your ISP has limits on the content you can view, or want to hide your browsing acitivty from your workplace a free VPN from your seedbox could be the perfect solution for you.

How to set up Open VPN from your seedbox

This is not an exhaustive guide, software & configurations change often. So I’ll be making this guide as general as possible to broadly cover the topic.

First make sure VPN is supported by your seedbox, all the seedboxes reviewed on this site like Dediseedbox,, Pulsed Media & Seedbox Company support VPN through the OpenVPN portal.

  1. Download OpenVPN Connect for Windows or Mac
  2. Download the *.ovpn file (configuration containing VPN settings). You can find them either in an OpenVPN folder or download them from the client area on the website
  3. Install OpenVPN connect and add the *.ovpn settings into the software.
  4. You can turn the VPN on or off as you need it.

Benefits & Constraints of Open VPN

  • Free & easy to use
  • Works well to hide your IP address, and grant access to restricted content
  • No choice of IP address or country
  • Some websites are able to work out your location even with VPN
  • Access to just 1 IP makes scope limited for unblocking geo locked content, access US content while travelling.

The last point was an eye opener for me, I was on Google and even though I had VPN activated from a different country, Google still knew my location right at the bottom of the page it showed my postcode. This was in incognito mode. Sites like Google work out your location through a variety of ways, it could be through flash cookies or geolocation of your router.

Seedbox vs VPN, which is better?

I see this a lot on seedbox forums, beginners ususally ask this and IMO, it comes from a place of not fully understanding what each of these technologies are. There is a bit of overlap between the two technologies but for the most part a seedbox and VPN provide different solutions to the same problem.

Let’s begin with the problem first, whether you are after a seedbox or a VPN you want one thing. Privacy and good upload speeds to build your ratio on a private tracker.

Seedbox achieves this by allowing you to upload and download torrents via a third party service. A VPN provides you with privacy on your home internet connection. So you can upload torrents freely and privately.

Now if you wanted to just use it for torrents. I’d say a seedbox has the edge. It’s much faster than a VPN and will seed torrents 24/7. But if you wanted an all rounder and use a proxy for surfing and other anonymous browsing then a VPN may be a better solution.

I have subscriptions to various seedboxes for reviewing for this site, I also use VPN for my home torrent box.

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