Reviews Policy

General policy

We aim to provide a resource to review and rate all the most familiar seedbox services available today. Our goal is to have a wide list of user reviews to allow end users to compare and contrast the various different services available. This is important because we’re well aware of various services that have let their users down by failing to meet expected requirements from them. Thus a resource like this should help consumers tremendously by allowing them to join up to a service that has a long track record of positive reviews.

How it works

We depend on end users like you of seedbox services to leave an honest and impartial review of any seedbox you may have used. We encourage this by providing a fair and open platform for anyone to engage on various seedboxes.

When we have sufficient number of reviews, the scores are aggregated and then they are listed on the site by order of rank, the highest ranking service takes place at the top, and the lower ranking sites get listed in the bottom.

Obviously, what we try to encourage users to do post reviews whenever they can, this helps us get a better feel of the service, a service with just one review doesn’t give us the whole picture, where as a service with 10 reviews gives us a much clearer picture on the true level of service.

One aspect that’s important to bear in mind is that often a lot of frustrated customers are motivated to go out on vent their anger and frustration by leaving a harsh review on a review site, but users who have positive experiences may not be motivated to proactively visit review sites to leave reviews. This is an unfortunate hazard of the review industry, we encourage users to bear that in mind when submitting reviews as well as reading reviews on site.

Unbiased and impartial

We are computer users just like yourselves and we try to have the best interest of our readers at heart, we try our hardest to remain impartial and allow users to leave reviews without being censored from us, we also make sure that we remain impartial with the review as much as possible, although as humans we’re not going to be completely unbiased. This is why we leave reviews concise and allow the readers to fill in all the colourful words criticising or praising the service.

One way in which we try to remain impartial is without taking an sponsorships in the form of banner advertising anywhere on the site, we feel that users should only be influenced by user ratings and not flashy banner advertising making promises which may or may not be entirely honest.

However, it’s impossible to operate a site like this without financial contribution of some sort, most of the services mentioned will pay us a commission of the sales which resulted in users visiting this site first. This does not influence our reviews in any way shape or form.

Help us spread the word

If you have found this site useful and would like to spread the word, feel free to add this site to your blogroll, or just linking from any of your pages, it would also be great if you could tweet or mention us on facebook.

The more people we can help out means that the more time and energy we can put into this site to make it better. believe it or not testing out backup software and maintaining this site is not easy.