The seedbox reviews site was set up to help torrent users locate fast, cheap and reliable seedboxes to suit their needs.

Every month I will subscribe to a new seedbox and test out their service levels. At the end of the month I will post a review, evaluating their service and performance levels.

I’ll give every tracker a fair chance, there will usually be 20-30 torrents seeding, mainly from private trackers. I will pick torrents based on high leech numbers so that there’s a higher probability of more seeds taking place allowing me to max out my upload speeds.

I’d like to encourage other torrent users to leave seedbox reviews as well. This will give a more balanced review. The more people who leave reviews, the better.

 How to submit reviews

Review submissions are easy, if you’ve used one or more seedbox in the past, simply go through the list on the right and click on their links, you can read our review and the review by other users as well, then you simply add your own review at the bottom of the page using the form.

There are a few core rating categories (which are optional):

  1. Speed
  2. Reliability
  3. Value for money

As well as a more detailed element which allows you to leave a more exhaustive review.

If the seedbox you used is not listed on the site already, then please use the contact us link to send us an email using the form, stating the url of the service and a few words about it, if we feel it’s worthy of mention on our site we will download, test and review it and post it on our site.