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Intro to reddit's favourite seedbox

I was excited to test, it was on my radar for a while as I kept bumping into recommendations on reddit. The amount of positive comments piqued my interest and I had to trial them for a month to see what the fuss was about.

Payment was a breeze and setup was instant, pretty much the usual deal with seedboxes now, everything is automated.

Prices start really cheap at just €5 for their 300GB storage drive. I went for the €10 plan with750GB storage. I ended up paying €8 with the 20% off coupon (coupon found at the bottom of the review).

First things first, the screenshots with speeds!

Highest upload & download speeds achieved.

As you can see from the screenshots above the stats are

Max upload: 13.0 MB/s
Max Download 12.2 MB/s
Advertised max: 62.5 MB/s UL & DL

The figures are respectable, but falls far short of their stated max speed of 62.5 MB/s which I was never able to come close to.

Total data uploaded over 30 days

The total data uploaded over a month was 10.3TB which was quite good, it’s the 2nd highest performer reviewed on seedbox reviews. There was something a bit suspicious with the data. You can see the max upload I’m able to achieve drops down fast about 13 days in. There must have been sort sort of data traffication, after using too much bandwidth, the traffic seems to be throttled down.

It wasn’t for the lack of seeds either. I’ve added fresh torrents and deleted poor performing torrents every couple of days, right up til the last day, alas, no cigar. The darks bars represent fresh downloads. You can see the box downloads new torrents to try and see if I can up the seed levels.

Customer Service & Support have one of the best customer support we’ve come across, support tickets get answered fast, and you can tell from their reponse style that they are seedbox enthusiasts and care about delivering what the customer wants.
Tickets get answered fast, within 30 mins you’ll get a response, and they’ll ususally solve your problem for you.
They are pretty active on social media as well, make a remark about them on reddit, and they”ll interject very quickly to resolve issues. You get the vibe that if they were a commercial seedbox provider, then they would be seedbox enthusiasts who post on torrent forums and communities.

Gripes & Niggles, no Plex, bandwidth limiting

The pricing is excellent, the performance is good for the price. If there is one niggle most people have is that they do not support Plex on their budget plans. Plex support begins on the dedicated €30 plans.

The reason for this is that Plex consumes a lot of system resources, when transcoding videos it requires a lot of CPU power to deliver videos quickly to the client.

I did experience bandwidth limiting which I found really suspect. I havem’t experienced that before. I tried to break past it but adding fresh torrents daily but I just couldn’t exceed past the imposed limits.


Smooth performance, reliable client

On the whole the servers were reliable, rtorrent was stable and perfomed well for most tasks. I find that if you upload 50 torrents into the /watch folder via ftp (to autostart torrents) it would sometimes crash the client. This isn’t unusal on a shared server seedbox. Seedbox
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9 Total Score User Test Review - With Screenshots, Upload Stats is a no frills, value for money seedboxes starting at €5. A fan favourite for their cheap seedboxes.

Value For Money
Interface/Plugins options
  • Cheapest seedboxes
  • Automated Setup
  • Variety of Plugins
  • Good upload and download speeds
  • Allows public trackers
  • Plex not available on shared server plans, required dedi seedbox
  • Not as fast as other seedboxes
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