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If you’re looking for impartial seedbox reviews to allow you to decide on which seedbox service that’s best for you. Then you’ve come to the right place. On this site you’ll find real world user tested reviews as well as community reviews by real customers. Whether you’re just looking for the cheapest seedbox, the fastest seedbox or just an all round best seedbox for you, we’ll point you in the right direction.

In case you didn’t know a seedbox is a service that allows you to download and upload torrents through a thirdy party service, some might know them as a torrent host or a VPS seedbox. You might want to use a seedbox VPS if you are an avid file sharer and want to seed torrents or if your ISP restricts bit torrent traffic.

A seedbox is known as torrent hosting and allows you to seed a little bit faster to gain upload credits with private torrent trackers.

Seedboxes vary a lot in service, some offer truly unlimited transfers without capping speed or connections. But there are some services which limit connectivity.

This website was created in order to review all the various seed boxes on the web, to help you differentiate the best boxes from the rest.

  • A seedbox will allow you to download torrents without restrictons
  • A seedbox will allow you to jack up your upload ratios with ease.
  • A seedbox will allow you to maintain good ratios on highly valuable closed door torrent trackers.
  • A seedbox will give you privacy and protect you from takedown requests.
Editor choice 1 Dedi Seedbox Review – Our #1 Ranked Seedbox. Full Stat Screenshot

Dedi Seedbox Review – Our #1 Ranked Seedbox. Full Stat Screenshot

Blown away with the upload and download speeds on their $12 plan. Good seeds throughout the test period. Plugins worked well, and OpenVPN was fast. Transcoding with plex was a breeze.
Best price 2 Seedbox Review Seedbox Review

Reddit's favourite seedbox, has cheap and cheerful plans. Without plex but comes with generous price tags. How does it compare with others? Read the review and found out.
3 Pulsed Media Seedbox Review

Pulsed Media Seedbox Review

I'm quite impressed with Pulsed Media small seedbox, upload was 3MBps and downloads varied a lot, but I believe I saw max download of 10MBps. Setup took just under 24 hours. And prices are reasonable. The best feature of all is their webgui, ...
4 The Seedbox Company Review

The Seedbox Company Review

Note: The SeedBox Company was previously known as Seednet. Total upload on Seednet is approximately 1.871TB (or 1871GB) in total. I say approximately because I lost access to my stats because of a serious crash on the web server. Which was a bummer, ...

My Review Process to Identify The Best Seedbox

I want to make the reviews on this site completely impartial and free from bias. All reviews are done independantly, I take out a 1 month trial with each seedbox, which is fully paid for with my own money, no free trial, no comp account. They are not aware that the box is intended for review, so the seedbox is exactly the same service and support as a typical customer seedbox.

Unlike other seedbox review sites, I don’t just write up the list of features and specs of the seedbox company and then recommend the seedbox that pays the biggest commission. I actually use seedboxes daily for up to a month and report my findings. This is why you’ll see actual screenshots of use – unlike other seedbox review sites.

For the sake of comparisons I will take out a seedbox in the $10 range, $10 is the typical price most people pay for a seedbox. The seedbox is then filled up daily or every 2 days with fresh torrents from the homepage of various tracker until the storage is full. I monitor the UL and DL regularly and save the stats.

I check for plugin installation, in particular I check for plex & openVPN.

For a seedbox to be crowned the best seedbox, it can’t just be down to my personal opinion. So the review system factors in user reviews into the ranking algorithm as well. Each user review is weighted equally as the editorial review so it’s a truly democratic process. This is unique to this site as I want to truly offer impartial reviews to rank the best seedboxes.

Why don't seedboxes provide backups?

Seedboxes tend to use a lot of storage on the servers, case in point on a simple $10/month plan on Dediseedbox; you’ll get a whopping 750GB disk space. For the server to provide backup it will require a lot of background resources to move large amounts of data onto storage as well as use up a lot of disk space.

Seedboxes are value-driven and have to provide the best bang for your buck. So if seedboxes were to provide backup, their costs would be a lot higher.

Besides, torrenting technology, by virtue means that you can recover all your data back as long as you have a .torrent file saved somewhere. If your downloads are critical to you, then save your .torrent files in cloud storage.

Do you require managed or unmanaged seedbox?

A managed seedbox is a seedbox where all, or part of the seedbox is managed by the server, which includes (but not limited to) maintenance, setup, security, complaints. Usually, support goes part en parcel with managed seedboxes. The drawback with managed seedboxes is that some features may be restricted. Case in point, plugins may not be installable, so you can’t customise the service. Some seedboxes allow you to have a degree of customisation, and provide wikis on how to go about doing so.

Unmanaged seedboxes are a different beast. You will get an empty server to pretty much install, and configure the seedboxes the way you want. You’ll be given root access which comes with responsibility; you must secure it, ensure the programs are updated and ensure software and plugin are compatible. Unmanaged seedboxes are best left alone for novice users.

At seedbox reviews all the services provide managed seedboxes at the core and most also provide unmanaged services as well.

The best seedbox for you depends on your goals.

Different seedboxes are configured for different ends, the best seedbox for you depends very much on your your uploading goals. Do you want to seed larger amounts of data overall over a long period of time? Or do you want to upload data in bursts?

Best all round seedbox

Dediseebox is our overall winner because it’s a workhorse and an all-rounder, their $10 has generous storage, truly unlimited bandwidth and very good speeds. There’s very little to dislike about dedi seedbox, the plex support (with full transcoding) and over 40 app choices make it a worthy winner.

It’s perfectly suited for everyday private tracker use where you want to maintain ratio with your ever-so-coveted trackers.

The unlimited bandwidth allows you to seed consistently all throughout the 30 day period. It’s a workhorse with ample storage so you’ll have enough torrents on queue to build up a steady amount of upload credits.

Cheapest seedbox

 This should be phrased as the best value seedbox or best cheap seedbox, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it? When we award the best cheap seedbox we looked at the absolute most bang for buck you get for the price you pay.

Cheap seedboxes are a dime a dozen, but do they actually provide you with a good value product & service? Most people looking for a cheap seedbox want something for $5 or less. Out of all the budget seedboxes we’ve tried around the $5 price mark, comes up trump. The traffic allowance is very good (they don’t manage traffic beyond 10TB) but you get ample storage space, decent speeds and decent RAM & CPU allocation so you can use rutorrent without hiccups.

You can read the review here. We recently tested so we’re looking for user feedback.

Seedboxes arose partly due to the need for for private torrenting. When you use bit torrent on your home computer you expose your IP address so other internet users can snoop on your p2p data sharing through bit torrent. This creates some privacy issues as well as expose to groups which may want to limit your bit torrent use. You’re free to read between the lines here

A seedbox is a service which takes over the risks and liabilities of using bit torrent and allows you to remain anonymous while torrenting and seeding on superfast internet connections 24/7. Seedbox companies like dediseedbox, & others are set up with the primary goal of torrenting safely without recriminations.

They do this by allowing you to pay anonymously using bitcoin, they are set up in countries where there is not legal requirement to adhere to DMCA regulations and where filesharing is completely legal. So you are protected.

Simply put a shared seedbox is a seedbox that is set up on a server which is shared by 10-20 other seedboxes. They share the same internet connection. You don’t actually share a seedbox, but the CPU/RAM & data line is shared between all the users on there.

A shared seedbox costs a fraction of the cost of a dedicated seedbox, starting at just $5 with some providers. A dedicated seedbox can cost $80 p/m plus and should only by enthusiasts and seedbox racers.

Not all torrent users need a seedbox, but consider the points below:

Anti file sharing groups monitor bittorrent traffic, while some users have used software like PeerGuardian to block the snooping. It would be impossible to block out all monitoring traffic with a software as virtually anyone can buy a proxy or VPN for pennies.

If you are sharing politically sensitive material, such as warcrimes by dictatorships, you may find yourself a target of a botnet attack on your IP address if you are using your home internet connection to share files.

Additionally if you’re on a private tracker where almost everyone is uploading with a seedbox you may find it difficult to upload data and end up with a low ratio.

In this instance a seedbox is strongly advised, it may even be required.

A seedbox itself seeds and downloads torrents anonymously for you. You would not need a VPN for that purprose.

However, if you would like further anonymity, to remain anoymous from your seedbox company itself. You can use a VPN to connect to the seedbox company and pay using cryptocurrency.

I should note that seedbox providers work in a privacy centric world and would protect your identity at all costs. So you shouldn’t need an additional protection. But methods are there if you were concerned.

Seedboxes can start off as low as $5. has $5 plans for small shared seedboxes and they go up to €165 for some of their ultra high spec seedboxes with 32GB RAM, 24GB storage etc.

Most users will want to pay between $10-$15 per month for a seedbox. For that sort of money you’d get around 750GB storage and unspecified RAM & CPU (ususally just enough to get the job done). You can expect speeds of around 15-20 MB/s at that price point. Dediseedbox, and have competitive plans at that price point.

The vast majority of the users would have their needs met for $10-$15. There are some file sharing enthusiasts with memberships on numerous private trackers who would opt for a dedicated seedbox.

There is a chasm betwen shared seedboxes to dedicated seedboxes. A shared seedbox starts at $10 and then goes up to around $40 p/m in price for additional storage. usually there isn’t a lot of difference in CPU/RAM or connection speed.

The big difference between a shared seedbox and a dedicated seedbox is the line speed and bandwidth. A dedicated server has it’s own dedicated line and bandwidth and it comes at a price. A dedicated server starts at $100 p/m

Dedicated seedboxes usually aren’t great value, and at that sort of enthusiast level, you ought to rent your own server and build your own seedbox.

It’s quite difficult to get your head around the different price plans for seedboxes and what each budget seedbox gives up to achieve the desired price points. On this site we try to help you navigate these the best we can.