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Which Seedbox is best for you?

Read up on seedbox reviews to find the best torrent host

A seedbox is a service that allows you to download and upload torrents through proxy. This is useful for people who are restricted from using torrents by their ISP, or for those who want to seed a little bit faster to gain upload credits with private torrent trackers

Seedboxes vary a lot in service, some offer truly unlimited transfers without capping speed or connections. But there are some services which limit connectivity

This website was created in order to review all the various seed boxes on the web, to help you differentiate the best boxes from the rest.

  • A seedbox will allow you to download torrents without restrictons
  • A seedbox will allow you to jack up your upload ratios with ease.

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Top Rated Seedboxes (Ranked by User Reviews)

Dedi Seedbox

Setup took just 10 minutes, I’ve had experiences with other seed boxes where it took over 24 hours to set up. In 30 days I uploaded over 1500GB (1.5TB) of torrents. The bandwidth and torrent limit is truly unlimited, which is good because you don’t have to seed based on which torrents have higher leech [...]

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Torrents: Unlimited
Speed: 1Gbps
Storage: 75GB
Price: $15 p/m

Setup is simple and near instantaneous. As soon as you send payment you will get your paid invoice and seedbox login details. Although it does take up to an hour for the ftp and rutorrent to become active. If you have any problems with rutorrent you can reboot the slot from your admin panel, this [...]

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Torrents: Unlimited
Speed: 100MBps
Storage: 210GB
Price: $16

Setup took place in under 10 minutes. Speeds are great, 6MB/s upload and 6MB/s download on good times. Total monthly transfer was 3TB, highest amount of upload traffic we have ever seen. I got started the same day and filled my seedbox with content from various trackers, mainly open source linux distributions.
Total monthly upload stats
Upload [...]

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Torrents: Unlimited
Storage: 200GB
Price: $20 p/m
Pulsed Media

I’m quite impressed with Pulsed Media small seedbox, upload was 3MBps and downloads varied a lot, but I beleive I saw max download of 10MBps. Setup took just under 24 hours. And prices are reasonable. The best feature of all is their webgui, they have the standard rutorrent torrent client, but also provide you with [...]

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Torrents: Unlimited
Price: $21.50 p/m
Speed: 100Mbps
Storage: 115GB

Seedcafe was one of the first seedboxes I tried, I initially signed up to package 1 for $15 a month which restricted the max torrents to 6. This was a problem as I came to find out later. In order to seed to full capacity you need to have many different seeds active, ideally over [...]

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Price: $25 p/m
Storage: 80GB
Speed: 100 Mb/s
Torrents: Unlimited

Santrex offer both web hosting and seedboxes, but don’t let that put you off, I believe every seedbox has a web hosting operation behind the woodwork. I ended up going for the rtorrent basic plan, at $29 per month. It’s not cheap, but yuou get what you pay off and with Santrex you get quality. [...]

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Torrents: Unlimited
Speed: 100Mbps
Storage: 100GB
Price: $19 p/m

Total upload on Seednet is approximately 1.871TB (or 1871GB) in total. I say approximately because I lost access to my stats because of a serious crash on the web server. Which was a bummer, I have 4 days of stats though, their upload speeds are decent. Max upload is 1.7MBps and max download is 6.7MBps.
The [...]

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Torrents: Unlimited
Speed: 100Mbps
Storage: 110GB
Price: $17